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The Newborn Experience with CKP is completely different than any other newborn studio from somewhere else!  I strive in giving the best customer service one can give, along with giving the best quality in the Wiregrass area. 


I have been photographing babies since 2010, from my early on years to now, every step of the way, I have became aware of how to safely pose your baby.  Babies are so delicate after birth and the person handling them should know how to properly handle your baby.  I have studied along side with some of the biggest named professional photographers in the newborn photography industry!  I have taken several safety courses along with hours of training on properly posing newborn babies.  

I also have a fully Green studio, meaning everything is not only cleaned with no chemicals, but your baby is posed on organic wool/fabrics.  Everything has been carefully selected so that the very best props are used.  After every session everything is wiped down with Thieves cleaning product, every blanket, and wrap is washed with Thieves laundry detergent. 


I am located right in the heart of Dothan, Alabama, I am minutes away from the circle and 84 W, and right off of South Oates Street.  My studio is around 1500 square foot and completely equipped with everything one can need!  I have a playroom for siblings, I have a seating area for those who want to wait, or take a nap on as it has housed several exhausted parents!  I have a viewing room for when we view and place orders from your session, along with a fridge, keruig, and snack area that is completely at your disposal!  I have Wifi, and a huge tv for your convenience where you can stream Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix!  I also have my shooting room where I take all the portraits, and a storage room.



Every session with me other than Petit sessions, include a consultation held prior to your due date/session.  This gives us a great opportunity to meet in person prior to your session, along with you to see anything that might catch your eye for your session!  We will go over a variety of questions, and feel free to ask questions as they come to you!  We will go over product information as well!  This will help in styling your session.

Session Time

Your newborn session will take place in my studio.  It is very important for babies to be in a warm setting, as taking images outside in colder months, even in the mist of summer, they are not going to settle all the way and become comfortable.  Babies are so use to being in high temp within the womb, and that is what I try to recreate with the environment.  I keep the shooting room, a warm 82-85 degrees (baby was just in a 98 degrees womb, so they like the warmth), and I have white noise, along with music playing in the background.  We start off with parent posing, then we go into mom/baby, dad/baby, sibling if needed, up to two props (one if we do sibling poses as well), and to beanbag posing.  My posing workflow is created to try to do as much as possible, while baby is at their sleepiest.

Newborn sessions can last up to two, to two and a half hours long.  This gives us plenty of time to break if baby needs a little bottle feeding, or just a simple break.  I keep the remaining studio at a normal temp so that it is comfortable for you.

Editing, View and Order Session, and Product Arrival

Editing time is around two weeks non busy season and three weeks during high peak season, sneak peeks are posted after you come in for your view and order session.  All editing I do prior is touch up skin (removing little scratches, and baby acne), color correcting, and filling in any of the backdrop that may need filled in.  As simple as it sounds, per image I roughly spend 5-10 minutes on, sometimes more for images that needed a little more work.  By request I touch up the stork bite (that mark stays on your baby till after they are one, so I generally don't edit it unless it is requested), touch up moms eyes (sometimes mamas can look a wee bit tired, but that is very rare), or any other request.

Your view and order session will be set up at your actual newborn session!  When you come in, we will view your images on a slide show, then we can either favorite them to narrow down a bit if needed, or go from which collection you would like to select.  Most clients spend $700-$2000 on a range of Wall Art, Albums, and Prints.  Not every client spends the same, some less and some more.  My collections start at $499 and each collection includes an amount of wall art, loose prints, an album, and a few selected digitals.  While I do not sell digitals individually, I do gift matching digital to prints.  My goal is for you to have something tangible, as well as the digital as I do understand you love to share them and such.  Gifted digitals are not able to be printed through drug stores or department stores, however you may reprint using www.mpix.com.

It can take up to four weeks for your order to come in.  My frames are built by a small business that is literally a mom and pop store!  It is so fun to see them share behind the scenes photos of them hand building my frames!  Such a lovely experience!  In non high peak times of the year, most orders come in less than 3 weeks, usually around 2 weeks, but I like to predict a longer time, and then deliver earlier than expected!