Zenfolio | Charlotte King Photography | Portrait Pricing

Hey there!  I'm so excited you decided to book with Charlotte King Photography!  While we are not cheap, we are good, and being good means we offer the best product to withstand the tale of time, backed by a warranty on all framed portraits.  

Here is a full price list to fully prep you for your portrait experience with Charlotte King Photography.

Editing Fees:
Headswaps and any extensive editing starts at $25 an image.  We do our absolute best to take care of all editing, this includes perfecting exposure, removing baby acne, removing any hands/feet (especially with composite images), however from time to time, we may need to swap a head to create the most perfect photo.  While this is completely doable, it is time consuming so therefore, it would include a fee.  


Glass glare removal, braces removed, or any other extensive work starts at $15 an image.

No USB is available with the matching digital images, only available in the USB Box.


To answer many questions:

How many images fit in the albums?

A 5x5 will comfortably fit 20-30, but please keep in mind while it will fit them, they will still show small.  An 8x8 will hold comfortably 45-60 images, and then a 10x10 album will fit comfortably 100-150 images.  If selecting a smaller album, I would suggest to either narrow down images, or add additional album spreads.


Are payment plans available?  

Yes.  Please refer back to your contract.


Can I just buy things individually or do I have to purchase a collection?
While you may be able to purchase A La Carte (there is a $500 minimum order when doing so), the collections are beneficial to you as you receive more for your buck.  Upgrades and Add ons are a possibility as well, there is a 10% add on/upgrade discount available for the $699 collection and up.  


What all do I receive matching digitals to?

You receive a matching digital images to all product excluding the album within the collection, or if you go A La Carte route ($500 minimum order), you get matching digitals to only 8x10 portraits and larger.


If I purchase a collection, is it possible for me to upgrade and add on just digital images?
Why yes!  To add the full digital images of your session onto the $499 collection, the add on is $600, to add the full gallery of your session to the $699 collection the add on is $500, and to add on from the $1299 collection it is $400.  If you wish to add on just a few digital images, for anything spent under the value of $700, it is $75 per file, or anything over $700 it is $50 per file.  You can not purchase digital images any other way unless you purchase the USB Box as I do not sell them individually until $700 of product has been purchased.


What if I change my mind?  What then happens?
Sadly, this is professional photography, everything you order is placed the day of your ordering appointment so therefore all sales are final.  You may add on after your first order is placed, but I can not change your order out or cancel it.


Do I have to purchase a canvas or what other wall art do you offer?
Please don't let the price list confuse you!  You do not have to go with Canvas for your wall art!  We offer a wide range of exclusive frames (and exclusive as you can only get them from me as I am the only photographer in Alabama that has access to these gorgeous high end frames)!  Please follow this link to take you to view all product!https://www.charlottekingphoto.com/heirloom-product