Zenfolio | Charlotte King Photography | Newborn Prep

Congratulations on your new precious baby!  Here are some important tips to ensure success at your newborn session, but please keep in mind that every baby is different!


  • The night prior avoid certain foods such as broccoli, spicy foods, or anything acidic if you are breastfeeding, this can cause baby to have gas.
  • Try to keep your baby awake 1-2 hours before you start your travels to the studio.  If you are traveling more than an hour away, please feel free to come at least 10-15 minutes early so we can top baby off!
  • Feed baby 30 minute before you need to leave, this will give baby a full tummy and the car ride should rock your baby to sleep!
  • Make sure your baby is only wearing a diaper when you go to place him/her in their carseat.  Just place a blanket over baby to keep them warm.
  • When you arrive at the studio, bring baby in his/her carseat, I will take them out.
  • Please bring a paci with you, even if you are breastfeeding, I assure you this will not cause any nipple confusion.  Please bring a paci that is not attached to a stuffed animal, they are super cute and your child may grow to love them, but it does make it difficult with posing them.
  • Bring an additional blanket, I typically wrap them up in them to hand off if I need to and they may or may not pee or poo.
  • Siblings are welcome in my studio.  I have a playroom, and you are more than welcome to bring a movie for them to watch.  Sibling pictures will take place early in your session, and you are more than welcome to drive separately to go ahead and leave, or take to the park/get some food. 
  • Parent and sibling clothing, please keep everything neutral, no printed shirts, cream, black, white, and grey photograph very well.  A little touch of color is fine, but no bold colors or crazy prints! 
  • I keep the shooting room closed off and set to about 85 degrees, your baby is use to being very warm in your womb for 9 months, so the shooting room is set to mimic the warmth and the noise.  I keep the door closed off so parents can enjoy the essence of not being in a sauna!  My studio temperature does stay on 77 at all time, and I request that no one touch my thermostat.  
  • I do provide snacks and drinks for my clients, if you are allergic to anything or prefer a certain beverage, please let me know ahead of time!
  • IF you are bringing anything, please let me know so I can accommodate them.