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Here at Charlotte King Photography, I wanted to offer something beautiful, custom, and something that would withstand the tale of time.  See, most photographers shoot, and share their images, but I thought that was such a non-personal experience for the average clients,  After doing tons of research and getting feedback, I started to realize how much clients wanted to have these heirloom products and that 9 out of 10 times, when they were handed digitals, they set collecting dust in a drawer, or getting lost on the computer.  I have always enjoyed offering product to my clients, but this became so much more of something that I wanted to brand for my business, and thus it started Charlotte King Photography being a fine art portrait photographer, creating lasting heirloom pieces for my clients to have in 2014 and going strong.

I've photographed some of my most favorite products that not only I love and cherish, but that my clients absolutely adore!


Let me introduce the traditional canvas.  This canvas is the highest end canvas you have ever felt!  It is silky smooth and comes in two finishes, matte or pearl finish.  This canvas is stretched on a wood frame, and has a nice black backing giving it a luxury finish.  Pictured below is a 16x20 size, a popular size in my studio.

A new and upcoming favorite, is the Farmhouse Frame line I have started carrying.  There are 9 different frames to select from, including traditional barnwood, to lovely finishes such as this Picket Fence finish in an 11x14 size.  A silk portrait is in this lovely frame, and the print comes warrantied, so if anything was to happen to your print, I will replace the print at no cost to you.

 Birth announcements are a favorite in my studio!  I take the worry away while I design your card according to whatever template you select from the many designs I have.  Birth announcements are nice and thick (not your cheap Walmart cards), and come in finishes such as Linen, Cotton, Pearl, and Smooth.  They come with nice linen envelopes, with the option of adding your address to the back flap.  

 Albums are a great staple to have, this is something that creates a lot of love and memories as you look at the portraits with your baby, from looking at it with them in your lap, to them sitting next to you on the couch, this is a book that will last forever (speaking of, as long as cared for correctly, it has a shelf life of 100 years).  Albums come in sizes 5x5, 8x8, and 10x10 in several different type of covers such as leathers, linen, canvas image cover, and satin image cover.  The pages are nice and thick, and one of my clients favorite thing to add now is the "detail" page.  It is the perfect touch to any album!


I don't sell ordinary prints, everything I offer is unique, and I am the only one in the wiregrass area that carries these perfect heirloom products!  This has became a favorite of all, my Silk printed portraits.  That is correct, I said Silk!  These silky smooth prints feel like luxury!  They have beautiful detail finish, and 8x10 and larger come mounted (they are nice and thick)!

If you haven't noticed by now, I love to design custom things for clients.  So, to introduce, a favorite of mine, Nursery Art!  Nursery Art comes in a 10x15 standout.  It is printed on a thick styrofoam core, with a beautiful finish to it.  It is a great little addition to your sweet bub's nursery!  

Now, to say this is a client favorite would be an understatement, this is the TOP purchased item in my studio!  This is the Organic Bloom Frame, and it comes in many shapes and colors!  This is an 11x14 size, it measures up to be comparable to a 16x20 canvas!  


All my frames come with a no worry warranty on your print.  Your kid touches the print?  Wipe it off with a cotton rag (yes, it is THAT easy, I have mentioned I offer the best of the best right?!), if it happens to ever get damaged, I will replace it at no cost to you!  Not only that, all of my frames are made out of REAL wood!  Yes REAL!  I emphasize this because, with factory reproduction, all you are getting is particle board that will deteriorate over the years, however I am a firm believer you get what you pay for, so why not pay for something that will last a long long time!

To put icing on top of the cake, while I may not sell my digital images, I do gift them to your matching portraits 8x10 and larger!  Why not get beautiful product, but get the coordinating digital as well?  Best of both worlds!

If you are ready to start planning your perfect session and wall gallery, make sure to contact me today!