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Reviving Printed Portraits

August 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I remember thinking about how we live in such a digital run world, I evaluated everything I wanted, and why I wanted to offer a different experience for my business.  After running several test, and doing so much research, I started noticing a trend...a trend of getting a burnt CD and throwing it in a desk, or a trend of posting on social media for your children to never see their images.

I thought to myself on how such a sad world this was, for kids to not physically see images anywhere of themselves, and even if they had something, they sure wouldn't last to be able to pass down to their children.  

It was scary back in 2014 when I took the plunge of doing in person ordering.  My clients felt at ease as they had someone to show them the possibilities of being able to do show off their images, and the relief of not having to view a million images on a gallery.  They loved being able to pick something up and hold it, to touch and feel, and to visualize on how their images could be displayed as this finish.

Fast foward to four years later, many returning clients, tons of hugs and thankfulness, my clients are loving the CKP experience more than ever.  I still freeze when I get the question of digitals, but it doesn't phase me anymore.  Yes, this is 2018, but you deserve a better experience, and you deserve to be able to have high end wall art.

Picture this, you have two options:

1.)  Your child wants to view pictures of them when they are a baby, you whip out your phone, and show them on Facebook.  How does that make you feel?

2.)  Your child wants to view pictures of them as a baby, and you whip out the family baby album.  Your child gets to giggle at how tiny they are, at their tiny little tushy, and they get to help turn the pages.  You get to connect emotion and joy with them.  This same baby turns 25 and is set to be wed, the gift of a mother to a child is something as precious as their baby book to show their future children, you are leaving a legacy.




  1. 1. 

    an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.


    bequest, inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthright;


    "a legacy from a great aunt"


My albums are guaranteed a 100 year life span as they are printed on archivable portrait paper.  Wall art are truly made out of wood and made to withstand the tale of time, and the prints are deliciously printed on silk portrait paper that has a 100 year life spans as well.  

That disc you have, it will break, your backup attempts will fail, Facebook will one day not exist, but something that will never go out of style is truly professionally printed portraits. 

So, if you want to preserve your Legacy and are ready to design a perfect piece to have for your home, I am here to assist you!  

I am one of only maybe three in the southeast area that offers this service, and I am the only one that offers the framing services I do.  I conduct a consultation for us to design the most perfect session, for you to see the product that I offer, and if you select to do so, you may purchase ahead of your actual session.  At the session everything is done and provided for you (other than special clothing for everyone), and at the ordering session, it is a low key setting with so much love and joy for your images.  Receiving your collections for pickup is better than Christmas morning!  

Here are some client favorites:

16X20 Wall Art (organic bloom frame), 8 8x10 portraits, 8x8 Album, 6 5x7 prints, they received all digital images.



8x10 Farmhouse Frame in Ember and 3x3 Accoridon Mini Set



13 8x10 Portraits, and 8x8 Album, Upgraded to all Digital Images.

11x14 Farmhouse Frame in Haystack, 6 5x7 Prints, 2 8x10 Prints, 8x8 Album, Birth Announcements, and Upgrade to all digital images.

11X14 Wall Art, 2 8x10 Wall Art (all Organic Bloom), 8x8 Album, 10 5x7 Prints, and 1 8x10 Print.  Upgraded to all Digital Images.

20x20 Wall Art (Organic Bloom), and 8x8 Album.  This was a Grandparents Order!

11x14 Wall Art, 4 8x10's, 5 5x7 Portraits, and set of birth announcements. 

This is a 24X30 Canvas, with 4 11x14 Canvas.


11x14 Wall Art, 2 8X10 Wall Art (Organic Bloom), 10x15 Nursery Art, 14 5x7 portraits, 8x8 album, and all digital images.

11x14 Wall Art (traditional frame), 2 8x10 prints, 5 5x7 prints, and 5x5 Album.


11x14 Wall Art, 2 8x10 Wall art (Organic Bloom), 8x8 Album, and upgrade to all digital images.


11x14 Wall Art and 2 8x10 prints.

24x30 Wall Art, and 2 16x20 Wall Art, upgrade to all digital images.

11x14 Canvas, 8x8 Album, 2 8x10 prints, 4 5x7 prints, and set of birth announcements. 

16x20 Canvas for Grandparent.

11x14 Wall Art, 2 8x10 Wall Art (all Farmhouse Frames White Wash style), 10 5x7 prints, and 8x8 album! 

While each client may order something different to the next, the main thing is they are all beautiful and ready for your wall!  


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