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About the Photographer

Hey y'all!  I am Charlotte King, child of the King, wife to a bearded fella, mom to three munchkins, and mom to several fur babies!  I love long walks between the Target aisles, Antique Queen, fellow hippie of all things natural, witty coffee mug obsession, and a love for crushed velvet and florals!  I love plants (that I tend to kill), I served in the US Army for 8 years, and am a mom to a special needs child.  

I have a weird obsession for Dark Chocolate, Vampire Shows, and Musicals.  If I was born in another life, I highly believe I could of been a Comedian!  Shiplap, Joanna Gaines, and the smell of coffee brewing is life!

I love things rustic and neutral.  My favorite color oddly is brown (Tiffanys blue comes in second place)!  I hate touching fish, I could care less for the beach, and I love visiting Tennessee every chance we get!  If I could live one place for the rest of my life it would be Nashville for sure!

About Charlotte King Photography

CKP was born in 2010, shortly after having my very first child.  I knew I wanted to capture every waking moment of his life, but I never dreamed this would of ever been a career for me.  A year later I started receiving paid shoots, and then a passion formed for photographing motherhood.  I love everything about a pregnant mama, to the birth of a baby, cuddling those sweet bums up, those chunky rolls and joys of laughter, to watching your baby take their first steps in my studio!

While we have moved locations back to Rehobeth, my studio is still as cozy and comfy as always, and we have the option to shoot outdoors anytime again!  I have a play area, a lounge area, and then my shooting area!

My style is nice and crisp, along with bringing fun textures and neutrals to tie in my love of all things rustic!  I love capturing the essence of a new babe!

About My Assistant

Kayla has worked with me since March 2018 and has been a key asset to the business.  She is a mom of a spunky little 6 year old, fun spirited, and we have way to much fun together!  She loves to love on your babies just as much as I do, and offsets my shortness with her height (which comes in handy lol)!  

One thing that separates CKP from other photographers in the area is Kayla.  It is my most professional opinion that every baby/child photographer have an assistant there for safety reasons and so much more!