Henry Newborn | Dothan Alabama Newborn Photographer | Charlotte King Photography

June 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You guys I loved photographing Henry and his gorgeous family!  His big brother Riley was so sweet, and come on guys, does dad not look like Mr. Big or Peter from Sex and The City or The Good Wife????  I kept wanting to call him Peter lol (quick backstory, I was currently at that time binge watching The Good Wife, its a good watch ;)  ).

A quick little note as I have had TONS of new parents come in and grandparents make comments on how it is fascinating that babies just "stand up" like this with their hands on their chin.  Here it is to show you that a well trained professional handles this.  I put them in the frog position, keeping my hands on baby the whole time holding up their hands on their chin, supporting their body, and then I have mom or dad come over and hold the head up, my hands never leave baby until they are comfortably holding them.  In Photoshop CC I combine both the images and it is called a composite, this pose should NEVER be attempted unless the photographer knows 100% what they are doing, and thus for the main reason you should hire a true professional newborn photographer!  

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