Alivia | Toddler Milestone | Charlotte King Photography | Dothan, Alabama Photographer

November 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As a mom to two little kids, and a toddler, getting these milestone shots are super important!  It is amazing how fast our kids grow, and before we know it a blink in a eye, they are fully capable of being self sufficient.  I have been photographing Alivia since she was 6 months old, I have watched her sit up for the first time, crawl, stand, walk, first word, first taste of cake, and so many more.  I have been grandmothered in with her (yeah totally make up that word haha).  She is like family to me, I have enjoyed her so so much!!  

Alivia loves Superman, when her mama told me this I told her I was going to make something magical for her...oh I did :) 

Nothing like Super Alivia flying over the city and keeping the people of Aliviaville safe! 

And of course, Alivia Kent had to be super duper secretive about her true nature ;)  

Super fast speed she was able to change in a flash!

And then of course we went into our Well Dressed Wolf outfits <3  Total love!! 

I hope you enjoyed her session as much as I did!  Until next time beautiful <3 


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