I am fun, silly, and make animal noises at your children!  I love Jesus, family, and my job!  Babies are a passion of mine, I love those chunky rolls, big eyes of wonder, and those tiny tiny details that will soon fade away and continue to grow! 

I believe in having a firm plan and having your priorities lined up.  I believe in offering every person that comes in my door a custom boutique experience, not a drive-thru experience!  Would you rather have Burger King or Hunts?  

I have a major prop addiction, kids clothing addiction, and I love to binge on Netflix.  I love ColdPlay and really, any music.  Huge music lover!  

Here are some favorites so I don't continue to do paragraphs ;)  
-Coke..I've cut back but love a good Coca Cola! 

-Coffee..I'm a mom of three, this is a NECESSITY!!  

-Antiques are life.  I love everything about any antique, even the things you can't see that just need a little TLC.

-Lover of the light.

-Mini Van mom status.

-Married 7 years.

-3 kiddos, Aiden 6, Sophia 5, and Ella Kate 2!

-5 fur babies!  Our dog Charlie, bunny rabbit Carrots, our dog Reba, our dog Copper, and grumpy cat Oreo!

-Organic living, essential oil using, and supportive of all things natural!